WhatAboutFilms is a creative film and video production company based in New York City. Our expertise spans numerous categories and draws upon a wealth of experience across a range of platforms. 

We offer our clients a one stop shop for the creation of anything from commercials, to corporate videos, content for television, online media, documentary, and film.

From first meeting through to completion, at WhatAboutFilms we work with our clients as partners. Projects are brought to life by a team of accomplished professionals who understand the value of creative thinking and a shared vision.



Effective advertisement requires the effort and dedication of many creative minds working together; from the client, to the agency, the production company, the director and his team. WhatAboutFilms is a company that unifies all stages of the production process in such a way that communication remains as direct, clear, and simple as possible. 

Our team of creatives, copywriters, producers, cinematographers and editors then work together from beginning to end, earning our clients the freedom to focus on the ideas and monitor them as they come to fruition. 


How do we work?

In the early stages of production we work side by side with the client to define the concept and develop creative ideas. We use storyboarding and regular client feedback to be sure that everybody is off on the same track. With our own portfolio of models and actors at our disposal we set up auditions to ensure our clients are happy with the faces that will represent them. We like to stay in dialogue with our clients throughout the process to make sure we hit our targets and bring our shared vision to life.


Example of storyboard