Building Stories

BUILDING STORIES Feature Documentary
Dir. Toni Comas
Running Time 55'00

As the architect of 86 towers in New York City, he has shaped the skyline of modern-day Manhattan more than any other person in history, business tycoons and mayors included, yet few people have ever heard of the name Costas Kondylis. This documentary follows Kondylis's career and shows the battle between artistic expression versus the bottom line, and what it takes to get things built in the high-powered world of New York City real estate. The filmmakers spent over a year with Kondylis and interviewed the who's who of New York City real state, including Donald Trump, Aby Rosen, Larry Silverstein, Richard Meier, Kenneth Frampton, Michael Bloomberg, Frank Ghery, Stephen Siegel, Bob Wright, Amanda Burden, Eliot Spitzer and Charlie Rose.

Dir. Rodin Hamidi and Toni Comas